Friday, December 31, 2010

How to create remote connection in SQL Server 2008

1.       Add the user in the Administrator group in the Active directory of the remote machine
·        Start àAdministrative Tools à Computer Management à System Tools à Local user and groups à Groups à Right click on Administrator Group and select properties à Add user

2.       Add the user in the remote setting in My Computer
·        Control Paneel à System à Remote Settings à Select radio button à check 2nd radio button à

How to run the application with different user

There are many applications (ERP) that are setup in a way that it didn’t ask for credentials and runs for the current user, if you want to run those application with different user

Go to command prompt and type 'runas /user:<username> "<process name that is register in GAC>"'


C:\Users\v-agulza>runas / "ax32"
Enter the password for

type the password and it will open the application with the particular

How to Configure OLAP data

There are three steps to configure olap data.
1.       Import data
2.       Update Business Intelligence Data
3.       Deploy the cubes
4.       Process the cube

Import Data:

The normal data is required before the configuration of Olap data, you follow the standard process to import normal data.


Update Business Intelligence Data

Goto à Ax Tools menu à Business Intelligence (BI )Tools à Analysis Servers à Advanced Tab à Checked the “Update BI Data” check box and press the “Update databases” button

Deploy the cubes

Goto à Ax Tools menu à Business Intelligence (BI )Tools à Analysis Service Project Wizard à

Press Next
Select the “Deploy” Radio button and press next
Select Dynamics AX in the first drop down and press next

Choose existing data in the “Analysis Services” database radio button and press next à Next and the will be deployed.

Process the cube

This part will import the data in the cube deployed in the analysis database.
Goto à SQL Server à Connect to the analysis server à Expand the databases à expand Dynamics AX à expand the cubes node à if you want to process all the cube, right click on the Dynamics AX node and click on the process link, or if you want process a specific cube i.e. Ledger Cube select the cube and process it.


Type Hierarchy browser

The Type Hierarchy browser enables you to view information about the super type and sub type of application objects. For example, you can see all the classes that extend a particular class, or see which data types a particular extended data type inherits from. It also enables you to view the methods, fields, and indexes that are used by tables. Information is available for application and system classes, tables, and data types.
To view information for a single application object
·        Right-click the object, and then select Add-Ins > Type Hierarchy browser