Tuesday, February 7, 2012

get values of base enums using code in x++

Question: How to get  values of base enums using code in x++

static void getEnumValues(Args _args)
    EnumId   enumId   = enumNum(LedgerDimensionType);
    DictEnum dictEnum = new DictEnum(enumId);
    int      count  = dictEnum.values();
    int      counter 

    for(counter = 0; counter < count; counter ++)
        // You can use the number of method exposed by DictEnum class
// dictEnum.name(counter)
// dictEnum.index2Value(counter)
// dictEnum.index2Symbol(counter)             
// dictEnum.index2Label(counter)


  1. Thank You,
    It's very helpful.

    For a suggest, you could replace count with countx

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  5. It is six years later, but this post is still helpful! Glad I'm not the only one who needed to iterate through a enum. Thank you!