Monday, January 30, 2012

Dynamics AX technical consultant interview questions

Today, I have spent quite a lot of time to gather the interview question for a Dynamics AX Technical Consultant and Developer. I have also provided the links of the answers of those question
1.      How can we create primary key for a table?

2.      what precautions you need for overriding fetch() method for a report?

3.      Difference between OCC (Optimistic concurrency control) and PCC (Pessimistic concurrency control)?

4.      How many types of MAP there in Dynamics AX?

5.      What is cache lookup what is it used for?

6.      Difference between table and views?

7.      why we use dialog? and how to accomplished it?

8.      what are the different type of index?

9.      Difference b/w cascade + restricted and restricted delete actions?

10.  In which case delete_from and delete() have same result?
Delete() will delete one record at a time.

Delete_from can delete multiple records at a time.

11.  Explain sales/purchase order processes in AX.

12.  Can you just tell the table properties that you can remember

13.  Different types of relation? Explain it detail?

14.  Explain Queries? What’s it used for?

15.  Explain different types of reports?
There are two types of reports in AX

16.  Differentiate auto design spec & Generated design? Which one is a preferable choice and why ? 

17.  What are all the add- on tools you used in Dynamics AX (It’s an indirect question for AIF)

19.  What is the default index for a table?

       Default Index in Table

20.  Did you work with EP (Enterprise Portal & Workflow) how you can implement this features into your projects ?
       EP in AX 2012

21.  Can you just point out some best practice you used when u develop a project? 

22.  Did you worked with base modules? 

There is a also a link containing a document that have hundreds of question


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