Thursday, January 26, 2012

lookup in AX

In the dynamics ax 2012, there are different ways to fill the combo box/drop down list

How to create a simple lookup

The SysTableLookup class is provided by the standard application to allow programmers to easily create their own lookup forms, in code.
The basic steps to using this class are as follows:
  1. Create the sysTableLookup object
  2. Create the query to select the lookup data
  3. Add  the fields shown on the lookup
  4. Performs the lookup

client static void lookup<TableName> (FormStringControl _ctrl)
    SysTableLookup          sysTableLookup       =  SysTableLookup::newParameters(tableNum(<tableName>),_ctrl);
    Query                   query                = new Query();

    // create the query for the lookup
    QueryBuildDataSource    queryBuildDataSource = query.addDataSource(tableNum(<tableName>));

    // Add fields that will be shown in the lookup as columns        

    //Add the query to the lookup form

    // Perform the lookup

This above method of lookup was heavily used in AX 2009, and it also used in the AX 2012 when there isn’t any data source specified in the form (i.e. Dialog Form) and the StringEdit control used for the lookup

How to create a simple lookup Reference
 The SysReferenceTableLookup class is used to construct lookup forms for reference controls.
  1. Create the SysReferenceTableLookup object
  2. Create the query which will be used to select the lookup data
  3. Add the fields which will be shown on the lookup
  4. Perform the lookup 
This method is now the standard method used to lookup the data for drop down when there is any modification needed to override the behavior of the functionality provided by the automatic lookup

public static client <tableName> lookup<tableName>(
    FormReferenceControl        _formReferenceControl)
    Query                   query;
    SysReferenceTableLookup referenceLookup;

    if (_formReferenceControl == null)
        throw error(Error::missingParameter(null));

    referenceLookup = SysReferenceTableLookup::newParameters(

    // create the query for the lookup form

    // Add fields that will be shown in the lookup form as columns

    // Add the query to the lookup form

    // Perform the lookup and return the selected record
    return referenceLookup.performFormLookup() as <tableName>;



  1. the post is great start but i would like to ask some thing is there a way to add range on the method i have added in my lookup can you please help me with this

  2. Zainab, you can create the customized lookup, you can update the signature of lookup method in the table and can use the QueryBuildRange object to add the range in the lookups.

    1. Thank you Arslan but what i want to do is that i have created a lookup in which i have added few fields and some methods now i want to add range on the values of the field which are generated by the method where as i can only add fieldnum using following code


      instead of this line i want to add the method and run my range on this is it possible


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