Saturday, February 4, 2012

configure Account structure and advanced rules in ax 2012

This post is covering the following topics
·         Account Structure Configuration
·         Account Structure Configuration effect on GL
·         Advanced Rule application on Account Structure
·         Advanced rule effect on GL 

and the target audience includes AX Administrator, functional consultant and developers/testers.

Configure Account Structure

GL > Setup > chart of accounts > chart of accounts          

To Configure Account Structure Click on the configure account structure as shown in the above snap shot.

Click on Activate button to active this Account structure,   Click Yes to Activate this Account structure

Effect on GL

GL > Journal > General Journal  

  Click on Lines Button ->  Select the Offset Account from account structure(MA +Cost center)

Configure Advanced Rules

GL > Setup > chart of accounts > Advanced rule structure

GL > Setup > chart of accounts > Configure Account structure

Click Advanced rule to open below Advanced rule form

Advanced Rules Effect on GL
GL > Journal > General Journal  Click on Lines Button ->  Select the Offset Account from account structure + Advanced rule

As we have created an advanced rule for main account 50110 i.e User must have to select department if he selects main account 50110


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  4. Hi Arsalan, you did not show the advance rule structure setup step?

  5. arsalan, what class did run when we do the activation?